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Our firm in its endeavour to provide the highest quality of services incorporates newly Cyprus Shelf Companies in order to provide a variety of choices and time saving to our clients. Shelf companies are companies already created but have been left on the shelf, in other words, they have not been involved in trading at all, so they remained inactive. From our experience we have realized that shelf companies are needed due to the urgency of our clients into entering in a variety of contracts or business agreements as they can trade same day. In accordance with the provisions of Company Law, Cyprus Shelf Companies must have a registered office in Cyprus, a local person appointed as a nominee director, as shareholder and a secretary. Furthermore Cyprus Shelf Companies are regarded as more efficient business solutions due to the fact that a client can be provided with a VAT registration number within 48 hours and they are already registered at the income tax authorities. Additionally our clients can have their account opened in a Cyprus Bank within 24 hours' time. Moreover Cyprus Shelf Companies are vested with many advantages such as:

// Cyprus Shelf Companies are taxed only 12.5% corporate tax on its net profits from trading either abroad or inland.
// Zero tax is charged on dividends paid out by the company to its shareholders!
// Zero tax is charged on dividends received from abroad by Cyprus Shelf Companies, as shareholder of another company abroad, making the Cyprus Shelf Company ideal holding companies.
// Zero tax is charged on all profits from trading in shares and other securities.
// Only 2% tax is charged on all profits and revenues from intellectual property rights for music, films, books, publications, inventions etc.
// Zero tax is charged on all profits from a permanent establishment kept abroad by the Cyprus Shelf Companies.
// Zero tax is charged on all profits made from the sale of any property held by the Cyprus Shelf Companies abroad.

Our firm can promptly assist you with the preparation of your company including all the necessary documents such as the incorporation documents, the trust deed prepared by the nominee directors, the date of your share transfer in your name, so you can immediately enter into business with the best kind of supplies.

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